The Science Behind Nitric Oxide

Natural Decline in N.O.

By the time you’re 40, Nitric Oxide production drops to 50%. At age 65, N.O. production has dropped to just 15% and the effects are apparent.

Simple Supplement Solution

no2u is a groundbreaking supplement that may help restore Nitric Oxide production, may support the negative effects of loss of N.O. and may assist the the structure and function of every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

Lifestyle N.O. Inhibitors

Certain lifestyle choices and medications further inhibit or stop Nitric Oxide production all together on top of the natural decline in N.O. production. Simple things like mouthwash and antacids interrupt nitric oxide production. There are over 200 million Americans that use mouthwash daily and another 200 million Americans that use antacids on a daily basis. It is no wonder so many Americans are sick and unhealthy.

Customer’s Top Choice

Getting In The N.O.

In 1990, the discovery of an endothelium derived relaxing factor, later identified as Nitric Oxide changed everything about vascular biology and regulation of the cardiovascular system. Today, more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits that come from increased Nitric Oxide levels thanks to dietary supplements that are helping boost N.O. production.

Getting In The N.O.

Around 60,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries circulate blood through the body. But like any highway, the path can become more difficult to navigate over time. As we age, our circulatory system doesn’t work as efficiently, and one of the key contributing factors is lower Nitric Oxide (N.O.) production.

The Miracle Molecule

Nitric oxide (N.O.) is one of the most important molecules produced in humans. It controls oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells, regulates cellular communication and has antimicrobial properties to protect your body from pathogens. In fact, this molecule is so important it was named “Molecule of the Year” by Science Magazine in 1992 and has also been dubbed the “Miracle Molecule” since that time.

Leaders in N.O. Science

no2u is led by an international leader in the industry, Dr. Nathan S. Bryan. Dr. Bryan started Bryan Nitriceuticals in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic opened the world’s eyes to the importance of health. He knew there was a solution to enhance the lives of all through scientifically-proven ingredients. His groundbreaking research has led to the highest grade Nitric Oxide nutraceuticals available today.

No Substitute for the NO2U Supplement

Many supplement manufacturers claim to offer products that enhance N.O. production, but the science just doesn’t back up the effectiveness of the ingredients.

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline

There are two ways the body normally makes Nitric Oxide. One is from the amino acid L-Arginine. However, the synthase enzyme that converts L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide can become dysfunctional due to many factors including aging, oxidative stress, poor diet, lack of physical exercise, smoking, diabetes and a high sugar diet. Therefore, intaking L-Arginine won’t result in higher Nitric Oxide levels because the enzyme is still dysfunctional.


The other way the body makes Nitric Oxide is from Nitrate and Nitrite found naturally in some foods. Nitrate can be converted to Nitrite which is then converted to Nitric Oxide. The Nitrate is converted into Nitrite by good bacteria in the mouth. The food and saliva are swallowed, making their way down to the stomach where acids convert the Nitrite into Nitric Oxide. However, there is a high variability of nitrate found in vegetables with as much as a 50 fold difference in nitrate in vegetables consumed in different parts of the country.

Secondly, we need nitrate reducing bacteria to convert nitrate into nitrite and nitric oxide. With over 200 million Americans using mouthwash, many do not get the benefits of eating vegetables. Antacids also disrupt this pathway. This is the main reason why most Americans are deficient in nitric oxide.

Beetroot Supplements

Beet root products and powders have dominated the market for the past 10 years. We have tested every beet root powder on the market and about 95% of them do not contain any detectable nitrate or nitrite. They are simply “dead beats” that provide zero benefit to the consumer.
Beet root does not equal nitrate and we know that nitrate does not equal nitric oxide since we rely on bacteria to convert Nitrates and Nitrites into Nitric Oxide.

Each of the two pathways, synthase enzyme/L-Argingine and Nitrate/Nitrite conversion, contributes about 50% of the total N.O. production, and one can compensate for the other. However, when Nitric Oxide production from both pathways becomes limited, that’s when health problems start to occur.

The Effects of Nitric Oxide on Everyday Health

Loss of Nitric Oxide production is recognized as the earliest event in the onset and progression of most, if not all, chronic diseases, including the number one killer of men and women worldwide—cardiovascular disease.

Our veins, arteries and capillaries suffer injury, damage and plaque build up over the decades starting in our 20s. As a result, they are narrowed and stiffened to the point that blood doesn’t flow as freely in the body. It is the functional loss of nitric oxide that leads to the structural changes in the blood vessels.     

By the time a person is in their 60s their Nitric Oxide production level is just 15%. This reduction in Nitric Oxide has been directly linked to cardiovascular disease that kills more people than any other medical condition. 

Why does this drop in Nitric Oxide happen? A number of factors contribute to the drop in N.O. production:

  • Nitric Oxide synthase enzyme becomes dysfunctional.
  • Using mouthwash that kills off bacteria.
  • Using fluoride toothpaste.
  • Eating a poor diet.
  • Smoking tobacco products.
  • Use of antacids and other medications.
  • Use of antibiotics.

Red blood cells are extremely special and vital for survival. These cells have no nucleus. This enables red blood cells to carry more oxygen throughout the blood. And it’s Nitric Oxide that makes the transfer of oxygen possible.

When arteries are narrowed, blood flow is restricted which means oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body is limited. It sets off a chain reaction that lowers circulation, decreases energy levels and inhibits brain function. Essentially, every bodily function is less efficient when Nitric Oxide levels are low.

Science can help you restore your Nitric Oxide supply. The breakthrough medical research from Dr. Bryan now allows anybody to enhance their NO levels with a convenient, great tasting lozenge.   

Today that scientific research has been paired with cutting-edge medical technologies to create simple solutions that solve the N.O. production problem. NO2U is backed by science that shows it’s possible to help support dysfunctional synthase enzymes and promote the Nitrate and Nitrite that converts to N.O. so that the body may assist in the production of more Nitric Oxide even as we age.

Ten Facts About Nitric Oxide You Need to Know

Nitric Oxide Fact #1

Adequate Nitric Oxide production is required for optimal health and disease prevention.

Nitric Oxide Fact #2

Nitric Oxide is a potent vasodilator that keeps your arteries open and free of plaque build-up.

Nitric Oxide Fact #3

Nitric Oxide is made by every cell in your body. However, production declines by 10-12% per decade starting in the early 20s. By age 40-50, we make only 50% of what we produced before.

Nitric Oxide Fact #4

Loss of Nitric Oxide production is associated with all major cardiovascular risk factors.

Nitric Oxide Fact #5

Prescription drugs, such as proton pump inhibitors, NSAIDs and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs block the production of Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide Fact #6

The decline in Nitric Oxide production is due to the body’s inability to convert L-arginine into Nitric Oxide. That’s why products that contain L-arginine or L-citrulline are not always effective at restoring Nitric Oxide production.

Nitric Oxide Fact #7

Nitric Oxide has been shown to support the healthy lowering of blood pressure.

Nitric Oxide Fact #8

Nitric Oxide may help improve aging functions and make you feel younger.

Nitric Oxide Fact #9

Nitric Oxide is responsible for blood vessel dilation in the sex organs and is critical for optimal sexual function.

Nitric Oxide Fact #10

Several diet and lifestyle modifications can positively affect Nitric Oxide production—physical exercise, eating leafy greens, maintaining oral hygiene and stopping the usage of antiseptic mouthwash can help.

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